Billbrain Institute of Technology signs Partnership MoU with Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy (CCCJP)

Billbrain Institute of Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding with The Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy (CCCJP). CCCJP’s main objective is to promote the use of scientific methods (forensic sciences) to support the administration of criminal justice in Uganda and beyond. This is done through carrying out research and innovations in forensic sciences and capacity building and development.
As for the latter, the centre offers short professional courses in forensics and criminology and the two parties is looking to leverage the partnership to help bridge the skills and knowledge gap amongst professionals and those interested in matters related to law, justice and technology to drive learning, research, and innovation in the aforementioned areas of speciality towards excellence and Africa’s transformation through spurring a new trajectory in adoption of technology-based methods to solve legal challenges in Uganda and Africa at large.