Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What programmes are offered at Billbrain Insitute of Technology.
A: Billbrain offers a number of Academic programmes at Diploma and Certificate level, as well as short professional courses.

Q: What levels of study are available at Billbrain Institute of Technology?
A: We offer Diploma, Certificate, and Short Courses.

Diploma and Certificate courses are offered for 2 years (as per government education policy)

Short/Professional courses have 3 levels of offering, i.e.;

  • Beginner Level (Usually between 4 – 8 Weeks depending on course chosen)
  • Intermediate Level (2 terms – Each term for a length of 3 months)
  • Advanced Level (3 terms – Each term for a length of 3 months, plus 1 month of project work)

Please find a list of all our Short & Professional Courses here:

Q: How many intakes do you have in a year for new students to apply?
A: For Diploma and Certificate courses, we have 3 intakes through the year, that is; January, May, and September. For short courses, we run monthly intakes. You may apply into any of these

Q: How can I apply?
A: You can apply online, or by downloading/obtaining an application form from our campus, filling it and returning it to our admissions office, or sending it by email to:

Q: How much is tuition?
A: Tuition differs from program to program. Review our Tuition and Functional fees for specific programmes and courses here.

Q: Do you offer financial aid?
A: Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Q: How does financial aid work?
A: There are different ways to apply for different forms of financial aid. After contacting Billbrain Institute of Technology, an admissions representative can put you in touch with a member of our financial aid department. This person can walk you through the process of applying for financial aid.

Q: Is there an entry exam?
A: No, we do not administer entry exams. Assessment of your suitability for admission is based on the academic records from your past study that you submit to us.

Q: Is Billbrain Institute of Technology accredited?
A: Billbrain Institute is registered with the Ministry of Education & Sports as a tertiary institution. We are also in the process of accreditation with the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE), and we hope to have this completed soon. We are also a fully registered member of the Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions, an Umbrella body that unites all Technical and Vocation Institutions in Uganda.

Q: Should I visit the school before I apply?
A: If you can, you are welcome to visit before you apply, however, if that is not possible, you are encouraged to call our admissions office and schedule an online chat with an admissions representative.

Q: Can I schedule an appointment to talk with an admissions representative?
A: Sure you are welcome to visit our campus for a chat with one of our admission representatives, or talk to them on phone.

Q: Do you offer online courses at Billbrain Institute of Technology?
A: Yes, all our courses can be undertaken online. In case there are particular activities that need your physical attendance at campus, our administration office will be in touch with you on such events and activities.