Entry Requirements

Application for Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programmes

Below is a categorised list of requirements for Diploma and Certificate programmes offered at Billbrain Institute of Technology.

Bachelors Courses

Entry Requirements for:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology
  3. Bachelor of Business Computing
  4. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration & Management
  6. Bachelor of Procurement & Logistics Management

Either: At least 2 principal passes and 1 subsidiary pass obtained at U.A.C.E

OR: A diploma from a recognized institution of higher learning

Entry Requirements for:

  1. Diploma in Computer Science

  2. Diploma in Information Technology
  3. Diploma in Business Computing
  4. Diploma in Accounting & Finance
  5. Diploma in Business Administration and Management
  6. Diploma in Procurement & Logistics Management

Either: One should have at least 1 principle and 2 subsidiary passes at U.A.C.E 

OR: A certificate from a tertiary recognized institution 

Certificate Courses

Entry Requirements for:

  1. Certificate in Information Technology
  2. Certificate in Accounting & Finance
  3. Certificate in Business Administration and Management
  4. Certificate in Procurement & Logistics Management

One should have passed at least 3 subjects at U.C.E

Entry Requirements for:

  1. Higher Education Certificate in Information Technology
  2. Higher Education Certificate in Humanities

One should have at least a subsidiary pass in a principle subject obtained at U.A.C.E