Student’s Guild

Billbrain Institute of Technology runs a Student’s Guild, composed of a team of Student Leaders who are elected into office once every year. The Student Leaders’ role is to represent all students in engagement with BIT management to ensure that students get the most out of their academic and social life at BIT. The Institute currently runs a lean structure, with this to be broadened along the way in subsequent student leadership elections.

The current guild is composed of 5 offices responsible for different aspects of student life at the Institute. These include;

  1. Guild President
  2. Guild Speaker / General Secretary
  3. Guild Treasurer
  4. Minister for Education
  5. Minister for Welfare & Student Activities

The Student Guild is headed by the Guild President who works with the other elected student representatives, in conjunction with BIT Management in promoting the best environment for students to flourish in both their academic and social life at BIT.

More can be found at:, a dedicated virtual link for students’ leadership, for all student-centered news, events and activities.

Space is also provided to the student leadership in BIT periodical publications such as Institute prospectuses, magazines, and newsletters for student-centered and generated communications.