BIT becomes ICDL Accredited Training & Test Centre

Billbrain Institute of Technology has joined the network of Accredited Training & Test Centres for ICDL in Africa.

This Accreditation is an important partnership for us as it feeds right into our vision as an institution of training towards a digitally inclusive & digital literate society, enhancing chances for development in the 21st century for Africa.

ICDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification. To-date, more than 14 million people have engaged with the ICDL programme, in over 150 countries, through our network of over 24,000 ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATCs).

The ICDL programme defines the skills and competencies necessary to use a computer and common computer applications. It offers a wide range of modules including Computer Essentials, Word Processing and IT Security. Candidates take tests in the modules which are most relevant to their educational and professional requirements

At Billbrain Institute of Technology (BIT), we offer quality training, serving both the corporate sector; delivering training in the marketplace and individual students at our training centre supported by industry with an experienced and highly motivated team who are focused on meeting the high expectations and needs of the Africa populace and technology market.

Our staff are well trained and meet the international standard, offering the highest level of training standard.