IT Essentials

An Overview

The course introduces students to computer hardware components, operating systems, error troubleshooting and remedy, as well as the internet, and email communication. The course covers in detail how computer components work together to make computers functional. It also provides an overview of procedures for disassembling and reassembling computers systems.

It is expected that at the end of the course;

– The student will achieve the first level of knowledge and skill needed for computer support personnel

– The student will accurately perform troubleshooting and maintenance skills with an understanding of the operation of the computer devices.

– The student will analyse computer performance, identify potential performance improvement action (s) and be in position to install and configure any hardware or software onto a computer system.

–  The student will demonstrate appropriate online communication techniques, and ability to  troubleshoot a computer malfunction and prescribe an appropriate solution.

The course is suitable for;

– Computer Support Technologists,

– Networking Specialist students,

– And anyone interested in learning how to troubleshoot, repair and maintain computers.

course modules;

+ Computer Hardware (PC Components)

+ Operating Systems & Other Major software

+ Computer Storage and Memory Management

+ Computer Error Troubleshooting & Solutions

+ Internet Browsing & Email Communication