Fundamentals of Cyber Security

An Overview

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the basic tenets of cyber space, mainly focusing on the security component of this space. It provides a general overview of the terms, concepts, and ideals that underlie Cyberspace Security.

Cyber security is an increasingly relevant and pressing area of concern for individuals, companies and governments, and one that is hard to ignore. It explores the evolving digital environment, continues with an examination of dynamics that make cyber security a challenge that needs attention in this information error, and also explores a bit of possible futures for this industry.

The goal of this course is to cut through the hype that surrounds cyber security and to provide the student with a clear yet nuanced perspective of what is important and why.

The course is designed for;

– Business Owners,

– Students from other institutions studying ICT & technology,

– Business Managers and operatives

– Policy Makers,

– Geologists, geo-informatics and mining engineers in identifying suitable site selections,

– Agriculturalists, and foresters in optimising production putting into consideration a number of factors,

– Hydrological engineers in studying water quality and source sustainability,

– Business executives and operators in understanding their market.

– Among other functions.

course Modules;

+ Network Security Basics

+ Security Issues, Threats and Attacks

+ Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure

+ Security on Different Layers

+ Server and Operational Security