Computer hardware & Networks Maintenance

An Overview

This course is an exploratory, first course in computer hardware systems and maintenance

It provides hands-on training in the installation, configuration, optimisation and upgrading of computer systems. As a practical course, the focus is to impart useful skills on the students in order to enhance ability to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain computer systems. Topics to be covered include introduction to computer systems, computer system parts, maintenance techniques, approaches and tools; diagnostic techniques; system assembly and installation; troubleshooting and repair of computer systems and accessories; portable computers, etc.

Course Objectivess

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Introduce students to the installation, configuration, optimisation and upgrading of computer systems; and
  • Introduce students to troubleshooting and maintaining the computer system; and
  • Irovide students with opportunities to develop basic techniques with respect the hardware of a computer system.

The course is designed for;

– Career beginners / starters

– Students in vacation/holiday

– Business Owners,

– Students from other institutions studying ICT & technology,

– Business Managers and operatives

– Policy Makers,

– Business executives and operators in understanding their market.

– Among others.

course modules;