Certificate in Project Planning & Management

Course Code: CPPM

Level: Certificate

Duration: 2 Years

Organizations, both in the public and private sectors are continuously adjusting and seeking ways of becoming more efficient and more effective in the planning and management of projects. Built around three core areas of; Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Control; Project Planning, Design and Implementation and Project Financing, the Certificate in Project Planning and Management prepares students for careers in project planning and management in both the public and private sectors, producing competent, qualified and skilled workers. The program also forms the foundation for advancement of study in either project planning and management, or other related fields and welcomes students from every sector where project management knowledge is required.

The course is designed to equip the students with knowledge and skills to effectively conceive, design and implement projects at every scale in both private and public sectors. It also aims to enhance skills in other professional disciplines in initiating and managing projects.



By the end of the programme, the learners will be able to:

  • Develop ability to plan and manage projects.
  • Apply analytical tools, principles and concepts of project identification, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Effectively and efficiently manage projects to successful completion
  • Apply advanced skills of problem solving and decision-making in a project environment.
  • Attain an academic qualification to enable students pursue further studies in relevant / related fields.


Year 1 Semester I

  • CPPM111 Fundamentals of Project Management
  • CAF112 Financial Accounting I
  • CBA111 Introduction to Business Administration
  • CCS111 Introduction to Computing & IT
  • CJM115 Communication Skills

Year 1 Semester II

  • CPPM121 Project Resource Mobilization
  • CPPM122 Procurement & Logistics Management
  • CPPM123 Quantitative Methods I
  • CAF123 Business Finance
  • CBA125 Principles of management

Year 2 Semester I

  • CPPM211 Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • CPPM213 Quantitative Methods II
  • CBA213 Business law
  • CBA214 Research Methodology
  • CPPM215 Project Management Information Systems

Year 2 Semester II

  • CPPM221 Risk Management in Projects
  • CEI221 Entrepreneurship Skills
  • CAF223 Cost Accounting
  • CBA221 Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Business
  • CPPM225 Final Year Project/Thesis

Industrial training

  • CPPM226 Industrial Attachment (8 weeks)


Students who study this course will be adequately equipped on how to adequately, effectively, and efficiently utilize resources such as, funds, time, and labor to deliver quality projects, and with these skills, be able to work with companies and organizations in the sectors of Construction, Government/Public Sector, Healthcare, Oil and gas, Information and Communication Technology, Supply chain management, Charity work, Retail, Manufacturing, Engineering, Human Resources, Environmental Management, among others, as project management officers, junior project coordinators, among other related roles.


Option A

The Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 credits obtained at the same sitting.

Option B

A Certificate in another business related specialization.


Semester I

FeesFor NationalsFor International Students
Tuition (Per Semester)450,000/=$265
Functional Fees (Payable once a year)280,000/=$125

Semester II

FeesFor NationalsFor International Students
Tuition (Per Semester)450,000/=$265
Functional FeesN/AN/A