Diploma in Procurement & Logistics Management

Introduction A Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management programme equips graduates with both procurement and logistics skills. The combination of various skills and knowledge prepares graduates to be immediately productive in the modern business world. The programme is intended to produce procurement and logistics graduates […]

Diploma in Accounting & Finance

1.1 Introduction The introduction of the course of Diploma in Finance and Accounting (DFA) is due to the increasing demand by those who want to attain specialized skills. This is a reply to many Ugandan for this cause.  The Diploma in Finance and Accounting course […]

Diploma in Computer Science

1.1 Introduction The Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) was designed with emphasis on having the student acquire the business, media, computing and communication skills necessary for employment and career opportunities in today’s ICT industries and business organizations. This Diploma Programme will enable students develop practical […]

How to Learn Faster and Remember

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