A Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management programme equips graduates with both procurement and logistics skills. The combination of various skills and knowledge prepares graduates to be immediately productive in the modern business world. The programme is intended to produce procurement and logistics graduates with requisite management and business skills capable of managing dynamic organizations and the procurement departments, either in employment or in self-employment. Graduates should be capable of starting and managing businesses by applying procurement and logistics skills in order to create a competitive advantage in an organization.

Programme Rationale

The increased growth in our economy and the change in our market infrastructure has contributed to the need to train a group of procurement professionals who will manage our organization in the procurement and supplies management skills. There is high demand of procurement professional who will create and retain customers of an organization. Therefore procurement and supply chain management, supply market management, effective negotiations and strategic relationships and procurement management, all are core in igniting the purchasing power.   

Course Objectives

A Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management intends to introduce students to;

  1. How appropriate strategic procurement decisions are made.
  2. The increasing demand for trained professionals in procurement in our economy
  3. How professional guidance in the development and implementation of strategic procurement programme is conducted.
  4. Business solutions in procurement and disposal is made.
  5. How advice on procurement procedures and methods can be made
  6. Right suppliers are evaluated
  7. How  procurement  and logistics negotiations are conducted

Learning Outcomes

Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management graduates should be able to;

  1. Make appropriate strategic procurement decisions
  2. Contribute to the increasing demand for trained professionals in procurement in our economy
  3. Participate in professional guidance in the development and implementation of strategic procurement programme.
  4. Provide solutions in procurement and disposal of items in various businesses.
  5. Provide advice on procurement procedures and methods
  6. Provide guidance on how right suppliers are evaluated.
  7. Apply procurement  and logistics negotiations in organisations.

Career Prospects

The graduates are ideally placed to work either in multi-national companies as procurement managers, procurement executives, business planners, project managers and assistant tutors. The programme also trains students to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses with the aid of both marketing and procurement skills and knowledge. Others will take up further studies in business related courses.

Programme duration.

The diploma programme shall cover a minimum of   two (2) years of four semesters and not exceeding a maximum of four (4) years.

Admission into the course will be through any of the four avenues mentioned below:

1. Direct entry

  • Certificate holders scheme
  • Higher Education Certificate
  1. Professional qualifications
  • Entrance admission examination

For admission to any diploma course under

2. Direct Entry Scheme, a candidate must have:

  • Obtained at least one (1) advanced level principal pass and two (2) subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E) examinations. Or Qualification equivalent to UACE.
  • Sat the UCE examination (equivalent) and obtained at least 5 passes.

3. Certificate Holder’s Scheme, a candidate must hold:

  • A Uganda Certificate of Education (U.C.E) and a certificate in Business Management or equivalent from a recognized institution.
  • A two year certificate in Business Management, or a two year certificate in any field of study obtained from a recognized institution.
  • A one year Higher Education Certificate accredited by NCHE

4. Professional Qualifications.

  • The applicant should have passed at least stage/level two (2), of the professional qualifications from a recognized institution or its equivalent, provided this is passing by examination and recognized in Uganda by the National Council of Higher Education..

justify;”>YEAR ONE               SEMESTER ONE

Course CodeCourse NameLHPHTHCHCU
DFA1101Principles of Accounting4530604
DBM1101Business Administration45453
DBM1102Micro Economics45454
DIT1101Computer Applications4530 4
DBM1103Business Communication Skills3030453
DPL  1101Principles of Purchasing and Supply MGT45604
 TCU    22


Course CodeCourse NameLHPHTHCHCU
DPL  1201Legal Aspects of Purchasing3030453
DBM1202Business Mathematics4530604
DPL  1202Public Procurement (PPDA)4530604
DBM1203Introduction to Business Ethics3030453
DBM1204Human Resource Management3030453
 TCU    17





Course CodeCourse NameLHPHTHCHCU
DPL 2101International Purchasing Cycle4530453
DPL 2102Merchandise and Retail Procurement45453
DPL 2103Procurement Ethics45453
DPL 2104Transport and Logistics mgt4530 3
DPL 2105Inventory and Stores Management3030453
DBM2101Research Methodology45453
 TCU    18


Course CodeCourse NameLHPHTHCHCU
DPL 2201Negotiations4530453
DPL 2202Value Chain Management45453
DPL 2203Practice of Insurance45453
DFA 2216Cost & Management Accounting4530604
DFA 2115Taxation3030604
DPL 2204Research Project/Internship1090604
 TCU    21


Apply Online

Use the link to apply online 

Download Application Form

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Upon filling it, either submit it to us physically through our Academic Registrar’s Office, or by email at:

Pick forms at our campus

You can as well pick, fill and submit  an application form from our campus at Level 4, Ham Towers, Makerere Hill Road, Kampala, Uganda (Opposite Makerere University Main Gate)

Your application will be fully processed upon submission of the following to our office:

  1. Photocopies of all educational certificates and relevant academic documents.
  2. A copy of the receipt of application fees; UGX 50,000/=; Note: This is non-refundable)
  3. Three (3) Passport size photographs
  4. A copy of a Valid Identity Card (National, Passport, or former School ID preferred)