Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance


The introduction of the course of Bachelors of Science in Finance and Accounting (Bsc. A&F) at Multitech Business School is due to the increasing demand by those who want to attain specialized skills. This is a reply to many Ugandan for this cause. 


The Bachelors of Science in Finance and Accounting course at Multitech Business School is focused on training students to enable them engage in accountancy that would serve to promote accountability especially in the economic sectors. Consequently emphasis will be put on the record keeping and the curriculum revolved around that area in teaching methods and materials.  


This course will complement the economic activity of the Ugandan business performance by keeping proper books of accounts. Students will have a very strong attitude to work, which will make them have a competitive edge.  



This Programme was designed to generally prepare our students to equip them with skills and knowledge competencies in the field of accounting and finance. It is meant to provide a bridging gap for students of diploma qualification who would have loved to pursue a degree in Accounting or a professional course such as CPA or ACCA. The Bachelors of Science in Finance and Accounting gives a chance to those students to pursue their dream and even work in the same field. Students are also given a firm background to further their qualification on successful completion of the course. The course is intended to equip students with all the necessary skills needed in the field of Accounting in both private and public enterprises. Therefore the course includes many course units meant to impart skills of an all rounded professional. It also enlightens them on the reality facing us today so the learners endeavor to create self-employment rather than always wait to be employed. 



The programme is designed to meet the students interested in gaining knowledge of accounting and finance and wish to extend their knowledge to an advanced level.  Specifically the programme aims;

  • To provide the students with a basic understanding of certain core disciplines and which we regard as core values needed by any graduate such as financial literacy, marketing skills, entrepreneurial skills, computer literacy and ethics, good governance and integrity.
  • To provide the students with a basic understanding of each of the functional areas such as finance, accounting, and other related disciplines.
  • To enable students to specialize in Finance and Accounting; and also give them firm foundation for professional courses such CPA (U); ACCA (UK); CIMA etc.
  • To enable students understand the language and systems of the Business world, how financial statements are informed investments decisions and may discourage dishonest reporting and unscrupulous investment schemes.
  • To enable students develop in accounting and financial management skills and competencies with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of wider range of management and financial decision-making at the strategic level.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in an individual, accounting and finance-related research investigation.
  • To make the students aware of the issues of financial irregularities and an understanding of the importance of the auditing process.
  • To take a strategic look at current issues in the financial world, providing students with a range of skills, including the ability to critically analyse financial data and weigh up issues, and relate these to developments and shifts within the industry.
  • To provide a sound foundation for students seeking progression in a managerial or professional role, or for those wishing to undertake further studies in degree programme.



  • Create self-employment rather than always wait to be employed
  • Demonstrate mastery and application of internal controls such as; financial decision skills, recording keeping skills, debtor management skills, authorizations, banking, strategy and computerized accounting skills and most importantly to be accountable and responsible for decisions made, and be a well-grounded and an all rounded professional.
  • Solve problems in an ethical and socially responsible way
  • Perform well not only in the area of specialization such as finance and accounting but also in entrepreneurship and management of business and organisational resources.





Accounting and Finance graduates have a wide area of career choices. They can either work in the area of accounting, finance or auditing. These careers are both in private and public sector enterprises. However, in order to qualify as a public accountant, one is supposed to further qualifications and obtain professional qualification .e.g. CPA (U).