ICT Professional Skills Training

Our training programmes give you a practical approach to learning and certification in Digital Age Skill sets, while allowing you the flexibility you need for your busy schedules.

Training for Organisations

Build a Tech-savvy, workforce that’s knowledgeable of the capabilities of Information Technology to fully tap into the opportunities the digital era presents.

A good understanding of Information Technology (IT) is of vital importance for employees and managers in today’s modern workplace. Effective management and implementation of IT resources have now become routine tasks for many middle and senior managers.

The impact of IT is constantly changing the structure of business organisations and new forms of technology can mean new customer relationships and new forms of commerce. Information is now a major asset to business corporations and information management affects both daily decision making and the implementation of major strategies within a business.

Working with clients, we develop a custom-tailored training and support programme to build their staff’s capacity and skills in use and adaptation of information technology resources

Training for Individuals

Enhance your skills for the information technology-driven workplace and the digital economy through our custom-tailored, industry-focused practical courses.

Our Computer Skills Training programs are designed to provide individuals with the specialised computing and information technology skills necessary for today’s marketplace or for self employment, coming in two forms; study-option 1 & study-option 2.

Study-option 1, individuals are given the chance to pursue a self-paced study programme where most emphasis is put on gaining/mastering practical skills in areas of interest, and final certification is not required.

Study-option 2, individuals are taken through an instructor-led and timed study programme which has assessment for certification at the end of the learning period. For this arrangement, individuals may choose specific modules of interest, these to be assessed and reflected on their certificates of course completion.

Here is a list of our courses

For more information about our skills training programme, contact us on: training@bit.ac.ug / info@bit.ac.ug or call us on Tel: +256-392-001934 or Mob: +256 (0) 760-152398 / +256 (0) 703-301332 or visit our office.