Training Schedule and Fees

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No.Programme NameCost (Ugx)Training PeriodTraining SchedulesNext intake 
1.Computer Applications150,0004 WeeksMonday, Tuesday & Thursday (9-12am)March 02nd 2020
2.IT Essentials375,0006 WeeksMonday, Tuesday & Thursday (2- 4pm)March 02nd 2020
3.Digital / Online Marketing350,0004 WeeksWednesday, Friday & Saturday (4-6pm)March 02nd 2020
4.Software Engineering750,0008 WeeksWednesday, Friday & Saturday (9-12am)March 02nd 2020
5.Database Management Systems550,0006 WeeksWednesday, Friday & Saturday (6-8pm)March 02nd 2020
6.Fundamentals of Cyber Security550,0005 WeeksMonday, Tuesday & Thursday (6-8pm)March 02nd 2020
7.Dynamic Web Design & Development550,0006 WeeksMonday, Tuesday & Thursday (4-6pm)March 02nd 2020
8.Computer Graphics Design & Editing500,0006 WeeksMonday, Tuesday & Thursday (4-6pm)March 02nd 2020
9.Computer Hardware & Networks450,0004 WeeksMonday, Wednesday & Thursday (9-12am)March 02nd 2020
10.Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (GIS)550,0005 WeeksSaturday (9 – 12pm)March 02nd 2020
11.IT Project Management350,0004 WeeksWednesday, Friday & Saturday (9-12am)March 02nd 2020