Short Courses

Below is a list of short courses we offer:

  1. Computer Applications
  2. IT Essentials
  3. Digital/Online Marketing
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  6. Dynamic Web Design & Development
  7. Computer Graphics Design & Editing
  8. Database Management Systems
  9. Computer Hardware & Networks Maintenance
  10. Introduction to GIS
  11. Social Media Management
  12. IT Project Management
  13. Accounting Packages (Tally & Quickbooks)
  14. Advanced Spreadsheets
  15. Advanced PowerPoint (Presentations)

Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy (CCCJP)

Below are the short courses run under CCCJP;
1. Certificate in Forensic Investigations
2. Certificate in Criminology, Fraud, and Organisational Crime
3. Certificate in Terrorism and Organised Transnational Crime
4. Certificate in Forensic Psychology