Diploma in Digital Marketing

Course Code: DDM

Level: Diploma

Duration: 2 Years


About the Programme

Information-on-demand. Technological evolution. Cultural diversity. These trends require organizations to adopt new marketing strategies. Marketing that influences product design. Marketing that incorporates social feedback. Digital marketing skills are on high demand. Brands are putting more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before, and the job market is booming. The course covers the whole digital marketing spectrum, including creating digital marketing strategies, search marketing (SEO and SEM), web analytics, gamification, digital content creation, user experience (UX), email and mobile marketing, social media, and online digital consumers.

The course focuses on how to reach potential customers where they spend their time online and in highly targeted, relatable and results-driven ways.

This hands-on course arms you with the knowledge and practical skills in digital marketing to have a positive impact on revenue and apply learnings to everyday marketing operations.

Learning Outcomes

The Diploma in Digital Marketing aims to provide graduates who will:

  • Possess a well-developed awareness of professional practice in the context of digital marketing.
  • Apply theoretically-informed understanding of digital marketing in independent and collaborative projects across a range of media.
  • Possess information literacy skills to locate, gather, organise and synthesise information across diverse platforms to inform the understanding of digital marketing.
  • Be critical thinkers and creative practitioners who are intellectually curious, imaginative and innovative; with an ability to evaluate their own and others’ work.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and knowledge of global contexts and openness to cultural exchange.
  • Employ professional digital marketing skills responsibly and respectfully in a global environment.
  • Possess the awareness of ethical practice in the personal, political and professional contexts of society.
  • Possess the skills to behave ethically in personal and professional contexts.
  • Possess well-developed skills and proficiencies to communicate and respond effectively and appropriately across different contexts and diverse workplace cultures.
  • Demonstrate digital literacy and production skills across a range of media and media texts

Who is this course for?

The Diploma in Digital Marketing is ideal for anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies – or anyone who would like to pursue a career in this area.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course is a rounded introduction to all the core digital marketing disciplines, and will prepare you to take up a more specialist role within the overall marketing domain.

What can you expect?

Through dynamic lectures, case studies and small group discussions, you will be exposed to the latest methods, techniques and tools for improving your organisation’s Digital Marketing and brand-building efforts.

What will you learn?

The Diploma in Digital Marketing course has a specifically structured curriculum to focus on current trends and best practices in Digital Marketing. As well as creating innovative strategies, you will also learn how to leverage these strategies to gain competitive advantage for both your business and your career.


Admission Requirements

To gain admission into the Diploma in Digital Marketing course, a candidate must, first of all, satisfy the general requirements for admission to BIT at a diploma level. In addition a candidate shall be eligible for admissions to the BIT programme on meeting any of the following minimum qualifications:-

Direct Entry

A person may be admitted to the diploma programme (entry into year one) via the diploma scheme if the person has:

Either: UACE with at least a principal pass and 1 subsidiary pass obtained in one sitting

OR: UCE/O’level with at least 3 credits obtained in one sitting, and/or a Certificate in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.

Certificate Entry Scheme

A person may be admitted to the diploma programme if the person has:

  • A Certificate in IT or business related training of at least Class II – Credit Division or
  • A Certificate in an area related to IT from a recognized institution, and at least five (5) passes at O-level obtained at the same sitting of the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE).

Crediting the Certificate qualification, for those entering on the Diploma programme via the certificate entry scheme, will be done as follows to obtain the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for the year:

ClassCGPA range
Class I- Distinction4.40 – 5.00
Class II – Credit2.80 – 4.39
Class III – Pass2.00 – 2.79

Unclassified certificates will be evaluated from the transcripts.

Mature Age Entry Scheme

A person may be admitted to the diploma programme via the mature entry scheme if the person has:

Passed the mature age entry examinations appropriately administered by a National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) accredited institution.


Year One Semester One

  • DCS113 Computer Applications
  • DDM112 Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • DDM113 Principles of Public Relations & Communication
  • DDM114 Organizational Behaviour
  • DJM115 Communication Skills

Year One Semester Two

  • DDM121 Digital Marketing Strategy
  • DDM122 Target Marketing and Social Optimization
  • DDM123 HTML, Web Development & E-Commerce Applications
  • DDM124 Digital Marketing, Big Data and Web Analytics
  • DMA123 Consumer Behavior

Year Two Semester One

  • DDM211 Web 3.0 and Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing
  • DBA212 Strategic Planning & Decision Making
  • DDM213 Global Strategies in Digital Marketing
  • DBA214 Research Methodology
  • DMA215 Market Research & Customer Validation

Year Two Semester Two

  • DDM221 Data Analysis, Metrics, and Measurement of Digital Marketing
  • DIT221 Internet Technology
  • DBA221 Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Technology
  • DEI221 Entrepreneurship Skills
  • DDM225 Final Year Project/Thesis

Industrial training

  • DDM226 Industrial Attachment (8 weeks)


The career opportunities available to students with a Diploma in Digital Marketing are many. They range from entry- or mid-level professional positions in marketing, sales, advertising, corporate communications, events, or public relations. This course will prepare you to work in business, for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as government organizations, among others.

You can also establish a career as an entrepreneur or private Digital Marketing Consultant.


Semester I

FeesFor NationalsFor International Students
Tuition (Per Semester)575,000/=$335
Functional Fees (Payable once a year)470,000/=$175

Semester II

FeesFor NationalsFor International Students
Tuition (Per Semester)575,000/=$335
Functional FeesN/AN/A