Centre for Professional Skills Development & Life-Lifelong Learning

The Centre for Professional Skills Development & Life-Lifelong Learning (CPSD-LL) at BIT is dedicated to extending educational opportunities to diverse learning communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Africa at Large. Our programs, designed and delivered by highly specialised industry experts and academics are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of learners from various walks of life and professions.

Through an extensive range of courses offered in a variety of fields and formats, BIT’s CPSD-LL seeks to support students, professionals and non-traditional learners to pursue their newly found interests, rediscover old passions, develop professional expertise, or simply expand their intellectual horizons.

The centre works to help you to get ahead in your career by offering a variety of non-credit workforce training and development opportunities. Through customized training options, BIT CPSD-LL can work directly with employers to meet the training needs of employees, or organisations to meet beneficiary and stakeholder learning needs.

Below is a list of short courses we offer under CPSD-LL;

  1. IT Essentials
  2. Digital/Online Marketing
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  5. Dynamic Web Design & Development
  6. Computer Graphics Design & Editing
  7. Database Management Systems
  8. Computer Hardware & Networks Maintenance
  9. Introduction to GIS
  10. Social Media Management
  11. IT Project Management
  12. Accounting Packages (Tally & Quickbooks)
  13. Advanced Spreadsheets
  14. Advanced PowerPoint (Presentations)
  15. Computer Applications