Bach of Business Administration & Mgt

Billbrain Institute of Technology is proposing to offers among other programmes, a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management Degree. The programme will offer the foundation course modules in business and management realm in year one and two and enriched modules for the various fields in the area of Business in third year of study.

The programme provides students with strong theoretical and practical-oriented skills, required for the private and the public sectors.

Programme Rationale

In the wake of globalization, many economies including the Uganda’s economy continue to face enormous challenges that require invigorating business and management skills across the social, economic, and political spectrum. In this era, a number of entrepreneur opportunities have been created and others lost due to inadequate skills in business management owing to stiff competition.


The Bachelor of Business Administration and Management is infused with both Vocational skills and other business skills and attitudes which makes it unique and therefore able to produce graduates that possess both entrepreneurial skills as well as various skills and knowledge in various  business disciplines for effective business start-ups and management.

3.0       Programme Objectives 

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide adequate basic understanding in Business administration and Management.
  2. To give adequate exposure to the operational Business environment
  3. To provide students with vocational and entrepreneurial skills.
  4. To prepare students to deal with challenges of the changing global business environment
  5. To help students acquire technical skills and competencies required in an undertaking or managing business as specialised area, for example Marketing, Procurement, Finance and Accounting, Human resource Management

4.0       Entry Requirements

Admission into the Bachelor of Business Administration and Management degree Program, requires the prospective student to satisfy the following Multitech business school entry requirements:

(a)        Direct Entry

For admission under the Direct Entry Scheme, a candidate must have:

  • The Uganda Certificate of Education or its equivalent
  • Advanced level principal pass in Economics and either mathematics, physics, geography, or entrepreneurship at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced certificate of education examinations or its equivalent (U.A.C.E)

The subject combination to be used in admitting candidates to Bachelor of Business Administration and Management degree through the Direct Entry Scheme will be as follows:

(i)         Essential:        Economics and/or Mathematics

(ii)        Relevant:        One best done of Geography, Physics and Entrepreneurship

(iii)       Desirable:       General Paper, Subsidiary Mathematics.

(iv)       Others:            All others

The following Grades for the A. Level subjects will be used in calculating the candidates’ points for admission.

b)       Mature Age Entry

For admission under the Mature Age Entry Scheme, a candidate must pass the Mature Age Entry Examinations of Multitech Business School for the Bachelor of Business Administration and Management Degree.

 c)       Diploma Holders

A candidate shall be admitted to the Bachelor of Business administration and Management degree Day/Evening Program if she/he has at least a Second Class Diploma award from a recognized institution of higher learning.